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Primary Health Care services

These services cover the following areas: Essential emergency services , Diagnosis and treatment for simple cases ,Evaluation and transfer to specialists and consultants. ,Follow-up of medical history of participants ,Routine examinations for preventive measures, Coordination with hospitals and medical centers for bookings and admissions , Daily follow-up for hospitalized cases, Production of records and statistical [...]

Third party Administration

This service provides an integrated medical service through contracting physicians, hospitals and all specialists in the medical field. Clients are charged their actual medical actual medical cost advantaged by Egycare’s special rates plus a minimal percentage for overhead and administrative costs.It saves time and effort of the human resources, financial, and medical departments in investigating [...]

Check-up service

Check up services is is tailor made to suit the circumstances of each company according to the age .sex ,job,…. this is  through a contracted  institutions  or in house ,then follows up on each step of the check up operation. The outcome of investigations is then analyzed by an expert to be presented to the [...]