• Primary care at the work sites according to the capacity
  • Examine patients at company clinic and prescribe for them the needed medications & examinations
  • Refer the patients who need a specialist to the proper health care provider
  • Advice patients of any medical condition about general rules
  • Revise the medications that was written on any external prescription and write them on
  • Deal with emergency cases as he can according to clinics equipment
  • Follow up the general condition of patients that regularly visit the clinic Validation of sick leaves
  • Doctor specialists at the out-patient clinics of the hospitals that EGYCARE has Contracted with or at said doctors’ private clinics, at the time set by such clinics, or transfer by EGYCARE.
  • Treatment at the hospitals that have Contracted with EGYCARE according to the category of the participant,
  • Emergency sections annexed to said hospitals.
  • Dental therapy provided in the private clinic and centers including teeth examination, gum treatment, x-rays, Panorama and medicine related to dental treatment, normal filing, teeth extraction and related operations ( maxillofacial surgeries) .


root canal treatment and crowns after root treatment is covered if it is mentioned in the table of benefits

  • Investigations  such as analysis, x-rays, ultra-sound, diagnostic endoscopes, provided that request for such services
  • Surgical operations.
  • Dispensing medication from the pharmacies that have contracted with EGYCARE and on the form prepared for this purpose.
  • Chronic medication :
    • investigation results should be submitted
    • medications are distributed according to  the geographical area

in order  to be delivered  to the head quarter or  directed to assigned  pharmacies

NB: Please make sure  that reassessment of medical conditions every three months to assure Health safety

  • Medical lenses for more than three quarter degrees as a sum of refraction errors for the two eyes, and obtained from reputable medical providers.
  • Maternity Package including antenatal  care  & its complications
  • Ambulance for emergency cases.
  • 24 hours hot lines for emergencies.

These services are within the limits of the coverage, any amounts in excess shall be paid by the beneficiary.