The rationale behind the existence of Egycare was the provision of Medical
services on international standards with a thorough understanding of
organizational needs, and -more important- the nature of diseases and
patients in Egypt .

Egycare was established in 1996, and has been providing its distinctive
services to a vast number of clients including major national and
multinational institutions since then; Making it a pioneer and major pillar
in the healthcare industry in Egypt.

With the experience of serving over 120.000 participants, our constant
movement is always towards enhancing our services in different patterns
to compliment the needs of our clients while maintaining our long lasting
diamond solid network of 2000 providers.
Topping it up with an average renewal rate of 96%, we are in constant
expansion of our resources to accommodate the increasing client list while
expanding our providers list to ful̎ill the increasing demand. With a team
of over 20 years of experience up their sleeves overseeing the whole
operation; This has certainly been a major factor contributing to our
stability and consistency.

Integrated healthcare system that strives to anticipate and respond to the lifelong needs to their  clients  should  recognize for their  commitment in  providing superior services to its patients, delivering outstanding value, providing exceptional medical and health education .
Egycare quality Management system scope in provision of the excellent health care services to exceed the client expectation .
gycare founded by 60 experts representing 360° of all forces contributing and participating in health care services  (hospital Management – primary care- all medical specialties and subspecialties- HR- finance – insurance and IT consultants

Egycare is led and managed by a selected group of professionals and experts in the following fields:

  • Excellent Management
  • Depth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the medical institutions
  • Number of the permanent employees  is 150
  • A professional chain process underpinning the provision of the services on a high quality level
Our growth is attributed to our commitment to quality, our partnership with our clients and our innovation in developing new products and services to assist our clients in managing the accelerating cost of employee Knowledge, Accuracy, Care, and Quality .

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