How to use services


-Medical service is provided to the card holder by using Egycare card only without referral letter after showing his ID. (Only the participant himself is entitled to use Egycare card) ,

-Medical card’s expiry date, type of medical service and any other instructions related to the participant’s participation in any service should be revised

Ask for your medical diagnoses

Examination , non chronic medication  , routine investigations are done without returning back to Egycare as long as they are related to the initial medical diagnosis written on the doctor’s prescription.


All the information mentioned in the referral letter existed in service provider , should be filled in ( participant’s data, medical diagnosis, medicine dosage, period of treatment and Egycare card number )

2-Medication dispensary :

– Imported & local medicine is dispensed except unregistered medication of the Ministry of health and the uncovered cases as an exception.

– patient keeps the white copy ( original ) and makes sure of mentioning the medical diagnosis, medicine dose and the required period of treatment.

– medicine is dispensed on Egycare form by maximum two weeks only ( for non-chronic cases) and for repeated medication will be through Egycare or the primary care on site unless allergy or complications are resulted and case requires treatment more than the mentioned period.

-medicine prescribed on emergency forms is dispensed for a maximum of one week.

– Chronic and medicine prescribed for one month is dispensed after prior approval from Egycare by ( email / Fax or phone ) ( on chronic forms )

– In case the medicine is not available in the pharmacy, an alternative can be dispensed or the whole prescription cab be dispensed from another pharmacy.


-it is not permitted to replace medicine by  another for a different medical case , vitamins or cosmetics as not to apply a penalty of withdrawing the  card and ceasing the service.

– Any amendment or scrape in medicine names or diagnosis leads to prescription cancelation.

– Prescription is dispensed within only week from date mentioned on it and is cancelled after this date.

3-Investigations : Routine diagnostic tests without Egycare Approval Any required investigations should be written on the doctor’s or the hospital’s prescription  and given to the patient to undergo them in any lab or radiology centre contracted with Egycare ( written on it the medical diagnosis and the needed investigation clearly ).

Patient should sign the referral letter indicating the medical service provided to him before leaving.

  • Inpatient
  • All types of PCR investigations , Tumor markers, AIDS and hepatitis markers ,Hormones and sterility investigations , Hereditary diseases , immunity and skin tests for allergy, General check up investigation , MRI, C.T.,X-rays with contrast, Endoscopy, Invasive investigation, Advanced cardiac investigations-Bone densitometry and all types of scanning
  • Dental service except extraction
  • Physiotherapy service
Medical department is working 24 hour 7 days a week, including  holidays & public holidays

Medical Approvals :

Medication Approval:
Subscriber Name + ID#
Medical Diagnoses
Medicine Dosage + Period of treatment
NB: Investigations results (analysis / x-rays) are required in some cases

Operation Approval:
Subscriber Name + ID#
Medical report includes patient medical history, cause of injury.
Medical request to undergo the operation + operation location.
Investigation results (Lab -Scan)

Investigation Approval (Lab – Scan)
Subscriber Name + ID #
Medical diagnosis
Medical request for analysis & x-rays + location
NB: investigation results are required in some cases
Physiotherapy Approval
Subscriber Name + ID#
Medical Report of orthopedist or neurologist including medical diagnoses, medical history , number of required sessions, defining organ needs treatment + x-rays results.
Location of physiotherapy centre required.
N.B :
Medical requests are not approved in physiotherapy centers.

Dental Approval
Subscriber Name + ID#
Doctor request including needed procedures & No. of teeth,


• if medical diagnosis is contradicted with the submitted documents, further requirements will be needed
• In case of root canal treatment and surgical extraction, copy of x-ray should be submitted.

Outpatient refund
Participant’s name and Egycare’s ID number.
Doctor’s official receipt indicating the date, examination’s price stamped from the doctor side or doctor’s prescription mentioning the date and the price signed by the doctor or the treatment indicating the diagnosis and stating period of treatment.
Drug’s refund:
Original prescription indicating patient’s name, Egycare’s ID no., medical diagnosis and stating period of treatment.
Original voucher of the pharmacy indicating Date of dispensing the drugs.
Lab. or radiology services’ refund:
Patient’s name and ID’s no.
original prescription
Copy of lab. Or radiological requirements or primitive diagnosis.
Copy of the medical results
Original invoice obtaining service date & paid amount
Inpatient’s refund:
Participant’s name and ID no.
Hospital’s report indicating date of entering and leaving the hospital, diagnosis, treatment services, drugs, investigations.
Original voucher of the hospital and other attachments including Medications & disposables statement.
Dental services’ refund:
Participant’s name and ID no.
Medical or surgical examination indicating place of filling, extracting or prosthesis.
Original voucher or non-official receipt from the treating doctor stamped from the doctor side.
Delivery refund.
Original voucher indicating medication & disposables statement.
Original invoice of doctor’s and assistants fees.
Medical report indicating type of the delivery.
Copy of the certificate of birth.
Physiotherapy service refund:
Original invoice
Medical report indicating the case diagnosis from the specialized doctor recommended the physiotherapy necessity & Not requested by the physiotherapist.
Number of the sessions determined by the doctor and its type including service obtaining date.

Medical glasses refund:
Invoices should be issued from the same shop, the glass was bought from.
Original invoice + Copy of the optical examination.
Official invoice including ( shop’s name / address / phone number /
Commercial registry / tax card)
Date of buying the glass should be mentioned in the invoice.


Documents should be submitted no latter than two months from date of obtaining the service.
Any missed or uncompleted documents should be submitted within two month from date of receiving the follow-up fax or the cheque.