Egycare Services

Primary Health Care services

These services cover the following areas: Essential emergency services , Diagnosis and treatment for simple cases ,Evaluation and transfer to [...]

Second medical opinion

Provided by Assist America , its allows a participant to receive a documented second medical opinion in a complex or [...]

Wellness plans in organization

Raise the awareness towards health risks among our society and engage the employees in a culture of wellness through adoption [...]

Discount card Services

We wish to offer you  a Discount card Services at a distinguished level which reflects on   employee loyalty  through a [...]

Business Travel Insurance

Business travel insurance: through a business partner , If there is a medical emergency, your employees will receive prompt access [...]

Third party Administration

This service provides an integrated medical service through contracting physicians, hospitals and all specialists in the medical field. Clients are [...]

Check-up service

Check up services is is tailor made to suit the circumstances of each company according to the age .sex ,job,…. [...]